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Our convenient and affordable classes include:  

CPR & First Aid for Pets
(4 hours) $65.00
Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and basic life support for your pet. Learn how to control bleeding and apply bandages, recognize and stabilize potentially life threatening ailments such as shock and poisoning, keep yourself safe on the emergency scene, and more. Come home with an easy-to-reference first aid book, a go-anywhere first aid kit, and the confidence to act in any emergency.
Learning for Life!
(2 hours) $35.00
Have fun creating a personalized training plan for your dog, including finding the right trainer, scheduling basic obedience classes, investigating specialty class possibilities, and more!
Your Aging Canine
(2 hours) $35.00
Make your own plan for facing end-of-life decisions humanely with your geriatric dog before you find yourself emotionally overwhelmed.
Dogs On The Go!
(2 hours) $35.00
Broaden your dog’s horizons! Plan dog-friendly outings and family vacations, both local and across the U.S.
Your Veterinarian and You
(2 hours) $35.00
Learn when your pet needs to see the vet, what to expect from a vet visit, how to help your pet tolerate physical exams, what it costs annually to care for a pet, and get basic health maintenance tips to help minimize veterinary costs.
Mom, Can We Get a Dog?
(2 hours) $35.00
Thinking about getting a family dog but are worried that you'll end up doing all the work? This class is designed for parents and their children to attend together. Learn about choosing the best dog personality for your family, have fun while learning about what it means to take care of a dog (including training, vet costs, and chores), and come away with a doggy care contract between parent and child.



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